5 novembre 2015

Girl-boy band has big success in China

Alice Weiniang Group is very popoluar in China. It's Cosplay group with all male members.
Note: Weinainiang means "fake lady" in chinese language.

"Our group members are all normal men. We just act out some female anime roles," 
 Hao Ge (band leader)

19 juin 2015

When Femulation Goes Wrong

from Kazakhistan with love 

A loved-up guy has been fined for dressing up as his girlfriend. His intention was to help her by attending the examination in place of her.The boyfriend Ayan Zhademov’s girlfriend was too nervous 
to sit in her exams, and his effort to calm down his love was absurd.
Thus, the crazy 20 year old decided to do the test for her, wearing clothing similar to herExam invigilators in Zhetisai in south Kazakhistan were recognized Ayan as male when they heard his deep voice. In the Unified National Testing, students have to go to University in Kazakhistan for attending the examination. Then, Ayan went to sit for his unnamed 17-year-old girlfriend by wearing a black wig, Grey skirt and white blouse.A spokesman for the exam board said that they suspected it might be another woman who had taken the candidate’s place and never suspected it was a man that had taken her place. They were not understood these malpractice, until he started speaking. During the examination he tried to speak in a high voice and it was obvious for the invigilators to conclude that he was a male. Despite Ayan being fined £1,400, other students were quite touched at the romance of his gesture.

21 janvier 2015

Here Come Brides: the fem-marriage of Davis and Alison

Alison Brooks (left) with new husband Alina Davis (Dmitry Kozhukhov) 
after their wedding in Moscow

Davis, whose real name is Dmitry Kozhukhov, identifies “as a guy” and is strongly attracted to women but feels more comfortable dressing as a female, describing himself as “androgyne”.
Their union in a Moscow registry office almost didn’t happen because of the country’s conservative marriage laws but since theirs was a heterosexual relationship, there was nothing authorities could do.
The complete interview on the Huffington Post

 photos from Alina Davis Facebook profile

28 juin 2014

Shakira VS Shakiro

Jonathan Trujillo led femulation on another level. His voice looks like in a impressive way to the popstar Shakira. His first appearence was on the local Got Talent "Colombia Tiene Talento".